Belly Dance Teachers in Scotland

Name: Fereshteh Hosseini                       Edinburgh

Areas: Weekly classes in Edinburgh and workshops thoughout the UK.
Styles: Modern Egyptian and Saidi.
Fereshteh Hosseini is of Persian descent, and discovered bellydance 9 years ago in her hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland. Performing Modern Egyptian and Modern Saidi Belly Dance. Raqia Hassan, Dandash and Khaled Mahmoud. Randa Kamel, and Dina are her main influences.
Fereshteh is now teaching weekly classes in Edinburgh and also teaches workshops within the UK.
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Laura Monteith (Saravasti Tribal)                          Glasgow
Location: Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3EQ
After several years teaching tribal fusion workshops for Edinburgh's African and Arabic Dance Society (amongst others), Laura has - after much demand and good-natured nagging! - decided to start a regular weekly class in the heart of Glasgow.

After a quick but thorough warm up and stretch, classes will focus on the essential posture and technique for tribal fusion belly dance, and work on building short combos into full choreographies.  Please come dressed as for a yoga class in comfy, not too baggy clothing - trousers are advised.  Yoga mats are optional, water is definitely advised!

Beginners are welcomed as we'll cover the fundamental movements of tribal fusion, as well as referencing both the roots of the movements in ATS/ITS and the traditional Egyptian form of belly dance.

Name: Deirdre Macdonald                                 Glasgow
Mobile: 07753 622398
Area: Glasgow and workshops throughout the UK and beyond.
Styles: Tribal - Gypsy Caravan style
Deirdre Macdonald has been belly dancing since discovering it while travelling Egypt in 1989. She qualified in Josephine Wiseís Academy of Arabic Dance in London and tribal belly dancing through Gypsy Caravan in the USA.
Having returned from Portland Oregon in late 2004, Deirdre has been teaching and enjoying travelling around the UK and beyond as well as setting up the first Ethnic Dance Certficate in Scotland in 2007. She has also joined Rashani International, a dance collective in 2005.
Name:  Mel Letham                                     Moray
Phone No:  07791 863 613
Area:  Moray
Bio: Mel has been dancing since the age of three.  She trained in ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary dance and performed at many high-profile venues as a member of the London-based Dancercise troupe.

In the past five years she has taught and performed tribal, tribal fusion and gothic belly dance and was one of the first two dancers in Scotland to gain certification in Gypsy Caravan Collective Soul Level 1 in 2007.  She travelled to Portland, Oregon in 2008 to undertake teacher training at the Caravan Studio and is a certified Level 1 Gypsy Caravan Tribal Belly Dance Teacher.
Name: Diane Davis-Bailey                                Falkirk
Phone: 07940 471448
Area: Falkirk
Diane has been teaching for 2 years.  Her belly dancing style incorporates Afro-Caribbean movements and the use of popular music. Confidence, posture and fun are at the centre of her classes.  Diane also provides classes on a weekly basis for adults with learning difficulties.  She believes belly dancing is for all!
Name:  Caroline                                           Edinburgh
Phone: 0131 228 2683
Websites: and
Area: Edinburgh
Bio and styles: Caroline is a performer and teacher of Egyptian Style belly dance, Raqs Sharqi / Oriental dance. Caroline has trained with the world top belly dancers and choreographers, both in the UK, Europe and in Cairo. She is a captivating performer known for her sense of fun, and has performed at Festivals, Weddings and Corporate events all over the UK.  She believes that learning never stops and is frequently found at workshops with the very best teachers. 
Through "BellyDance Divas" Caroline periodically brings in top teachers for small scale, high quality events with limited class sizes.
Name: Hilary Thacker                                     Edinburgh
Phone: 0131 5560408   (Hilary's Bazaar, Monday - Saturday 10 - 6 pm.)
Area: Edinburgh and workshops nationwide.
Bio: Hilary Thacker is a professional Egyptian style dancer. She performs and teaches throughout Britain as well as in the Middle East, dancing at weddings, balls, cabarets, corporate events and hotels, often with Arabic musicians. She also plays and teaches ME percussion both in the UK and on desert trips.

She is also a teacher of the Alexander Technique and is interested in the therapeutic side of this dance. Based in Edinburgh where she runs the Middle Eastern dance and music shop - "Hilary's Bazaar."

Name: Lindsey MacQueen                              Highlands
Phone: 01463 795369
Area: Highlands (mainly) but willing to travel
Bio: Lindsey has been teaching and performing all styles of bellydance since the late 1990ís. However, her speciality remains in the Tribal format. Lindsey studied intensely under Domba! when living in the States, and returned to the UK shores in 2003 where her influence over the dance scene can still be seen today.  Lindsey not only travels up and down the length of the country performing and teaching workshops but regularly hosts national and International teachers locally and at the Tribal Ford residential retreat at Ford castle. More importantly Lindsey continues to search out instruction to further expand her own dance repertoire and knowledge, as she believes dance is ever evolving and dancers should seek out and attend as my teaching sources as possible.
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Name: Sarah Pulman                                   Glasgow   
Telephone Number: 0141 560 3345
Email Address:
Area: Glasgow
Sarah teaches, and performs at haflas, in the Glasgow area, specialising in Egyptian style.  Sarah has regular classes on the south side of Glasgow and has over a decade of belly dance experience.  She regularly attends workshops around the country, and Cairo, to continue her dance journey.  As a teacher, Sarah wants everyone in her classes to have the chance to develop their own style and to become part of this wonderful dance community.
Name: Shelley                                          Edinburgh
Area: Edinburgh and beyond
Shelley first came to bellydance at the tender age of fifteen after seeing a video of a performer accompanying U2 during 'Mysterious Ways' on their ZooTV tour. She has since studied with a variety of teachers in different styles in the UK and the USA. A native Glasweigan (with a background in Bollywood/Bhangra dance) she now lives and teaches bellydance classes and workshops in Edinburgh and beyond.
Suitable for complete beginners, all shapes and sizes!
See Shelly's website for full class details.
Name: Lindsey Marie Silver                           Edinburgh
Area:  Edinburgh
Learn all the trademark moves of this mesmerising danceform with Lindsey Marie Silver, professional bellydancer & fully qualified health & fitness instructor. Lindsey provides lesson notes and has an open teaching style which leaves you positively glowing!

See Lindsey's website for full class details.
Name: Maureen Weir                               Clackmannanshire
Telephone:   07853189662
Area: I teach in Clackmannanshire, Central Region, Scotland.

I specialise  in Oriental/Cabaret style dance and have been training in this dance form for 10 years. My mother teacher is Lorna Gow of Cairo who instilled in me the love of the dance and the culture.   I have been teaching for over 4 years in Central Scotland and attend every workshop possible to ensure my dancing is fresh, modern and authentic.
I teach regular weekly classes to dancers of all levels.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.
Name:  Isolde MacKay                                       Oban
Telephone: 01852 300225 / 07748951846
Area: Oban
Bio: I am a dance instructor and choreographer with considerable experience in Classic Egyptian cabaret as well as Ghawazee ethnic style. I have studied with many of the great names in belly dancing including several Cairo Divas. Most of my professional belly dance career took place in the US, beginning in the 1970's with Jamila Salimpour (Suhaila's Mom).
Presently, I offer Saturday classes in belly dance aerobics. Also, a 10 week course in Middle Eastern dance taught through the college in Dunstaffnage. I specialise in sword and cane/ stick dance but enjoy teaching finger cymbal playing and veil.
I'm quite willing to do mini-workshops on request. 
Name: Eleanor Shirkie                                     Ayrshire
Mobile: 07515 968277
Styles: Tribal - Gypsy Caravan style
Eleanor has been belly dancing since 2004 and dancing Tribal Style Belly Dance for five years with Deirdre MacDonald, she has endeavoured to broaden her experience as a dancer by participating in workshops with various teachers and has had the opportunity to study with some amazing teachers from across the globe. Eleanor has also undertaken courses to improve her knowledge and understanding of this style of dance and has achieved certification in Collective Soul 1  & 2 with the fabulous Paulette Rees-Denis, completed the JWAAD foundation course and the NEC exercise and fitness knowledge course through the YMCA. Eleanor is currently sharing the joy of Tribal Style Belly Dance, teaching weekly classes in Ayrshire and Dances with Deirdre's troupe Urban Shimmy, she is available for workshops and private tuition
Name: Tamsyn                                          Edinburgh
Email: tamsyn AT tamsynbellydance DOT com
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Tamsyn is an Edinburgh based performer and teacher of tribal fusion and American cabaret bellydance. Her teaching style focuses on clear breakdown of movements and understanding of body mechanics that prevent injury and improve dance form. She encourages questions, is happy to accompany dance steps with information about how to train and strengthen muscles required for each move, and fosters a fun and supportive class atmosphere. Her diverse background in dance and physical training enriches and informs her instruction.
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Lindsey Marie
Name:  Suraya Ahmed                                            Glasgow
Area: Glasgow
Bio:I am a professional bellydance performer, teacher and choreographer specialising in Egyptian style dance. I started my dance experience as a young girl learning ballet, modern stage, ballroom, latin and irish dance. I started my bellydance career about 11 years ago and progressed into teaching as well as performing. I have many Egyptian teachers and was invited to audition for bellydance superstars by the artistic director Jillina! I dance at festivals, arabic weddings, corporate events and regularly perform at restaurants. I have a passion for my art and love to pass the knowledge I have to my students.

I offer classes and am available for Weddings, hen nights, corporate functions, birthday parties etc. Please see my website for full details.
Dance with Suraya

Name: Susanna, Habiba Dance                                           Edinburgh
Areas: Regular classes in Edinburgh; workshops and events in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Stirling, Dundee, around Scotland and throughout the UK

Styles: Raqs Sharqi Society style Egyptian Dance

Bio:Susanna offers: weekly classes; workshops; taster classes for hen parties, health and fitness days, festivals, parties and events; and private lessons. 

Susanna is a highly popular Scotland based performer and teacher known for her exuberance, energy, humour in performance, connection to the audience, and for soulful interpretation of the different forms of Egyptian Dance.

Susanna trained extensively in Raqs Sharqi style Egyptian Dance for 15 years in the UK, Belgium and Egypt.  She founded Habiba Dance to promote traditional, expressive and theatrical forms of Egyptian Dance and was awarded membership of the Raqs Sharqi Society in recognition of this work.  She is also a member of the Foundation for Community Dance and has completed their Certificate in Age Inclusive Practice.

Habiba Dance
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